Friday, 29 February 2008


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The weird guy that worked at the Rescue Rooms called Vincent turned out to be in a band. I checked them out late Summer 2004, at Bunkers Hill, totally 'smashed off my nut'. History was made. Later I'm living in London when the weird guy Vincent turns up again, his very great band have come to a halt after a couple of glorious years 'slaying' the midlands and beyond. It's not over yet though. Slowly but surely a NEW Spin Spin the Dogs is concieved. They've roped in the Boy Younger this time, and are three quarters London based. They're still amazing. A bit before this they record an album called 'Cats' in the Marquis basement. A slightly older version of the band that being. I go with Vincent to Rough Trade one day and they stock some copies of it. This is irrelevent though. More to the point: In 2008 a whole new generation of ASBOs are witnessing a true heroic.

Vincent Larkin, frontman, poet and egotist had this to say:

In your own words, describe Spin Spin The Dogs, it's formation and meaning etc, as accurately as possible.
V:I dont know how accurate i can be. Spin Spin the Dogs started in a cellar in nottingham in 2004 i was Initially reluctant to join the band, i can't remember why. The band itself has no higher purpose or meaning, Spin Spin the Dogs, the name, was inspired by the idea of a dog chasing its tail.

The newest 'incarnation' of the band seems settled and hard working. how do you see the future? in light of the past?
V:The future i can not see, in the light of the past or in any other way; I am blind! However i think we aim to release a 7 inch record and a split 12 inch record in the near future. The latest incarnation as you put it, thats me dean and john with luke is slightly more prolific than we were in the past but i wouldn't go so far to say hard working least not as i would understand hard work to be. It is nice to have new music. I would like to make more new music. Luke is good to have in the band. He is affable and easy to work with. He uses his phone where as dean and john prefer to use telepathy. luke does practice a form of mind control sometimes actually, but it only works in person.

Tell me more about the album'Cat's' that exists? Do you recognise the band that made that record? Has the passing of time brought you closer? Is love inherent at the very core of your creativity?
V:This question is really three questions in one isn't it doig? so i have answered it in three parts:
The album cats does exists, I would like more people to be aware of its existence. the album was recorded by me Dean, John and James Smith. James Smith amongst other things provided " Vibes ". On the subject of vibes, Is it true you once interviewed some dodgy indie rock band and opened with the question " What's your vibe? "

I don't know about closer but i really would like to see more of dean hinks, but he lives under the stairs in a small bucket at Johnny Scarr's house in nottingham. So its quite hard to meet up.

This is a very strange question, i like the sound of what your saying, the sentence has a great rhythm to it! It feels good, but to what you are actually asking I am not sure. i will try to answer as best i can; I think we have taken a more positive turn as of late. And yes I personally am into loving. I love loving. Anyway I think, without going into any detail, there is a prevailing culture of negativity in the world today. I dont think we need to add to it. Although thats more my interpretation of things rather than the rest of the bands. an example of this would a song with mostly improvised lyric returning to the reframe " if he swings by a string you can hear the bells ring, ring in the yard of poor tommy ". We no longer perform this song.

Give me an overview of your current musical enviroment. The place Spin Spin the Dogs slots into, the musical landscape you inhabit. Your musical allies and enemies, anomalies and irritants. Then tell me what's going to happen?
V:I dont know much about musical environments, dont no much about the slots you chuck, dont know much about landscape to inhabit dont know much about enemies, but i do know that I love you and I know that if you love me too, what a wonderful world it could be.

( thats whats going to happen )

For details of how to purchase the album "Cats" and the bands latest news.

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