Thursday, 21 February 2008


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Maybe It's the Scot in me, but I am really quite keen on STRETCHHEADS right now.
These guys took Bogshed's sound, whacked on a way more vicious sounding guitar and reveled in the vocally incomprehensible weird-pop/grind fusion that Gravity and GSL's future rosters were privy to, back when those labels were good, litreally years later! For a non metal/thrash/grunge band to be making this kind of squall in early Nineties Scotland must've been something. There's a familiar Butthole Surfers/Terminal Cheesecake lunacy apparent in the video below, and, admittedly, there's room for irritation. But such fashionless endeavour is respectable, as is the crushing bass tone they got going on, so read about them here:

Here's an intriguing television transmission from the band:

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