Thursday, 21 February 2008


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ARP - In Light (Smalltown Supersound)

I am lying in bed with a cold, somewhere in East London, listening to 'In Light' by Arp. So far so good, I'm thinking. It's a remedy of sorts, or at least this makes a good angle for the review. I mean, outside my window it's horrid grey Limehouse. But in here, right now, Arp are doing something majestic, if highly unoriginal, to me. It's sounding a lot like a Cluster record someone gave me once. I should probably point out that it echoes the sound of Harmonia in places also, but I've never HEARD Harmonia. All I really know is, I don't like this as much as the Atlas Sound record I've just bought, but I still like it plenty. There're all sorts of repeating keyboard patterns, deeply atmospheric piano pieces, and synthy interludes. Arp is a guy who used to be in Tussle, before he probably realized that ripping off Liquid Liquid forever had it's limitations, and that at least ripping off loads of instrumental Krautrock gave him a wider scope. Maybe he got fed up with drums. There are no drums on 'In Light' (so far), and it's doing my headache wonders. Right now there's a great oscillating keyboard riff. It's all incredibly uplifting and sunny-sounding. Actually there's even a sunrise on the cover. In fact I'll post up the image, so you can stare at it too. Wonderful eh?

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